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Unpacking After Moving House

Unpacking after movingThe anticipation is finally over! The furniture removalists have just left and you are looking at what appears to be mountains of moving boxes throughout your new house. 

When you were in the process of planning your interstate furniture removal and getting ready for the furniture removalists, you had a deadline for when all the packing needed to be finished. However, once you have moved there isn't any deadline for when your moving boxes need to be unpacked, so people often leave things in their moving boxes indefinitely.

Follow the tips below to help you get all your moving boxes unpacked, so that when it's done, your move is really complete!

As soon as you begin moving in you will have large furniture items that you need in place. Ask the furniture removalists to assist you with this while they are there. You should be at the delivery so that you can ask the furniture removalists to put large items, such as bookshelves, in the correct locations for you around your home.

Once all the larger items are in place, you can start thinking small. If you were thinking ahead (and read our other helpful moving tips!), you would have labelled each box with what room it was for, so the furniture removalist's would most likely have placed it in the correct room for you. Its a good idea to have a look where the moving boxes are being put while your removalist is still there, in case you need him to move some heavier boxes into the correct room for you before they leave.

Beginning the unpacking process in the kitchen is a good idea. This is the central room of the house, and you will need to grab a drink and some food before too long, so it's a worthwhile place to start. Unpack all your essential kitchen items first such as your crockery, cutlery and glassware (particularly important if you plan to make a toast to celebrate this momentous occasion!). Then unpack your most frequently used appliances such as your kettle, toaster, microwave, and anything else you might use daily. Other less used items such as fine china and silver cutlery can probably be left in boxes and unpacked later if necessary.

Once your kitchen is unpacked and now fully functioning you should start on the bedrooms.  If you are following these guidelines, your bed and bedroom furniture should already be in the right places before the furniture  removalist's have left your house. Now you can start putting the beds together. Once they are assembled you will want to make your beds no doubt, so make sure you have a box of linen and your pillows handy.  You can also start unpacking your clothes. 

After the kitchen and bedrooms are complete, the next room to focus on is the bathroom. While you should unload toilet paper and towels on arrival, be sure to unpack your toiletries before bedtime. The last thing you will want to do is be searching through boxes for the toothpaste before you go to bed after you've been moving all day.

After these essential rooms have been unpacked you can then focus your attention on other less important items. It is a good idea to unpack your fragile items such as mirrors and lamps and so on, and then unpack your other loungeroom or study items over the next coming days and weeks.

It is really important to have a plan to how you will tackle your unpacking. Remember you don't have to unpack everything on the first day, start un-packing your essential items as outlined above, and then focus on the rest after that.

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