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Top Moving Tips

Top moving tipsWhether you are moving around the corner or interstate, moving house can be both a demanding and overwhelming experience. In order to minimize your stress during this taxing time we have created an array of useful moving secrets and hints to ensure your next move runs smoothly.

Moving Tip 1 – Keep In Contact
Avoid disconnecting your landline until the day after your furniture removal is scheduled. It's crucial that we're able to communicate with you prior to pickup and while your furniture is in transit. For this reason it is advisable to leave your landline connected until the day after we pick up.  It is also recommended that you keep your mobile charged and easily accessible at all times. It's always best to supply as many contact numbers as possible when making your booking.

Moving Tip #2 - Don't Anticipate The Trucks Movements
Try and avoid speeding up the process of moving by putting all your possessions outside in anticipation of the furniture removalists arrival. If the removalist's truck suffers mechanical issues and breaks down, there is some other unforeseeable delay or it starts to rain, you might encounter more trouble than expected!

Moving Tip #3 – Check Your Item List
Ensure that you, or someone nominated as a proxy for you, checks that everything that is supposed to be collected at pickup has made it on to the removal truck and has not accidentally been overlooked. It's easy to call the removalist back in at this stage rather than when they've moved on to the next job.

Moving Tip #4 – Keep Your Important Documents With YOU!
If you don't want something packed, it's best that you set it aside so that it is not put onto the truck by mistake. If a bag or box containing your airline tickets for example is mistakenly collected by the removalist and packed into the middle of the load it may be exceptionally difficult to retrieve, especially if the truck has already left for the trip to the delivery destination! If you are moving interstate it could be several days or weeks before you will be able to access your goods.

Moving Tips #5- Plan Ahead
To avoid access issues endeavour to reserve space for the truck to park as close to the pickup and delivery points as possible. Two well spaced cars or witches hats are useful for this.

Moving Tip # 6 – Keep A Record Of Your Incoming Mail
In the lead up to your move keep track of all incoming mail so that you'll know who you need to notify that you're moving. It can be difficult to think of everyone off the top of your head so this way.

Moving Tip #7 - Pack Properly
Use purpose specific moving boxes and packing tape. They provide the protection your goods will require in transit. All too often people use inferior packing materials only to find that their boxes don't survive the trip. Using proper packing materials is even more important for interstate furniture removals as risk increases with the amount of time that your goods will be in transit.

Moving Tip #8 - Prevent Leaks
Make sure you have defrosted your fridge and freezer so that they don't leak onto your belongings or other clients possessions in transit. You should ensure that all items containing fluid are emptied completely to avoid any problems whilst in transit. Remember to drain the fuel from any mechanical items as fuel can be just as dangerous as possible leakages.

Moving Tip #9 - Transporting Plants
Be conscious of any quarantine restrictions and regulations that apply to carrying plant materials interstate, as such restrictions may apply. Water plants a couple of days before collection as doing it too close to the move may cause them to leak.

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