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Packing Your Shed

Packing Your Shed for MovingPacking up your shed, garage or workshop in preparation for moving house can be a difficult and time consuming process. These areas generally store items that are difficult to pack, like power tools, dangerous objects and liquids, lawnmowers, etc.

Extra care should be taken when packing items from your shed to avoid:

  • Damage to the tools themselves;
  • Damage to the rest of your furniture (and anybody else's furniture that is loaded into the removalist's truck;
  • Injury to you or your furniture removalists;
  • Damage to the environment in general.

Following are some tips to aid you in the safe packing of your shed, garage or workshop.

  1. Dispose of any flammable, or otherwise dangerous, liquids or gases in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. This includes fuel and oil from powered garden tools, like lawnmowers, and LPG gas bottles for your BBQ. Check with your local council for proper disposal methods and/or appropriate local waste stations.
  2. Any sharp objects or blades should be thoroughly wrapped to avoid damage to goods and injury to you and your furniture removalists.
  3. Avoid overloading your boxes. They may collapse and may be too difficult for your furniture removalists to lift.
  4. Secure your long-handled garden tools together in bundles using twine or rope. These can easily be wrapped in furniture removal blankets by your removalists when loading and will require less space.
  5. Book, or Wine Cartons are suitable for many of your garden tools. They are smaller and are more difficult to over-load.
  6. In general, we don't transport liquids. They pose too much of a threat to your furniture, other client's furniture and to the furniture removalist's trucks. For this reason you should dispose of paints and other liquids. If in doubt please call us for advice.
  7. Bikes: Handlebars should be loosened and turned to the side. To avoid dirt and grease getting on any other items, you should cover the chain and pedals.
  8. Anything too big to be packed into furniture removalist's cartons should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid getting dirt and grease over your furniture.
  9. As with any room, clearly label all of your boxes with “Shed”, the contents, your name, job number, and destination address.
  10. It's a good idea to start packing your shed, garage or workshop at the beginning of the packing process - there's usually a lot stored away in there and, generally, that's where your least used items will be stored.

Packing a shed, workshop or garage in preparation for your furniture removal doesn't have to be difficult or dangerous. Simply follow these tips to a safe and successful removal!

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