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Moving With Kids

Moving With KidsIt's perfectly natural to be worried about your kids when you're moving. It can be even more stressful when you move to a completely new area or state. Moving house is usually stressful for adults, but moving can be an especially upsetting time for kids.

For those parents who are moving with children, we've supplied these simple tips to help you relieve the stress on your kids by turning the process of moving into an adventure!

  • Try to turn the packing of your kid's belongings into fun and exciting games.
  • Give your kids some exciting jobs to do in the lead up to your furniture removal - as long as the tasks are age appropriate.
  • Hiding some treasures in your moving boxes can add to the excitement of getting to your new house and starting the unpacking process.
  • Don't pack 'blankie' and 'teddy' (or other of your children's favourites) until last. Try and keep some of your kid's favourite toys and games out even after the furniture removalists truck has gone so your kids can be occupied until they start unpacking at your new home.
  • While it may be a safer option to keep your kids away during the packing process, wherever possible, it's good to have your kids around and participating in the packing process. It'll help them to get some closure and know that all their familiar and favourite items won't be left behind.
  • It's important to try and keep as much of a normal routine as possible both before and after your move. Keeping some regularity in your kid's schedule or routine is important - there's already a lot of change to deal with at this time.
  • Try getting your kid's settled into and participating in their new community as soon as possible. Signing them up for local sporting clubs and other groups is a good way for them to make new friends - you might even make some new ones yourself!
  • Take the time to ask the questions about how your kid's are feeling and to find out whether they are making new friends. Try to be sympathetic to their situation and reassure them that things will only continue to get better with time.
  • It can be a good idea to bring your kids along and participating when finding new schools. Giving your kids a sense of ownership in the entire moving process may stop them from kicking and screaming throughout the move.
  • Have your kids ever moved before? They may not have a full grasp over what moving entails. They may not understand that their toys and pets are coming along too. They may not understand that their friends will be left behind. To avoid minimise any shock to your kid's try and be clear about what they should expect from the move.
  • Encourage your kids to take some pictures of your new house and surrounds to school for 'show-and-tell' in the lead up to the move. Sharing their new and exciting adventure to their friends can help get your kids on board and looking forward moving day.
  • Yes, you're likely to be overwhelmed and stressed about your big move yourself. It's understandable. So many things to organise. So many 'unknowns'. However hard it may be, try and stay positive and up-beat about your 'big adventure' around your kids. Any negativity that you're feeling about moving will easily transfer to your kids - and that's only going to make things tougher for everyone.
  • You will be busy in the days surrounding your move, but it's important that you make time for your kids to say goodbye to their friends. Throwing a goodbye picnic, or a party in a place other than your half-packed house, will help your kids get some closure and get most of your goodbye's done in one hit.
  • When it comes to telling your kids about the move, it's certainly a case of 'the earlier, the better'. The sooner that you communicate with your children about moving, the less shock it will mean for them and the easier it will be to get them excited about their big adventure.
  • Most important of all: don't get caught up in the move yourself and try to be patient. Moving house can really be stressful for everyone - especially for our kids.
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