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Hot Tips For Saving Money on Your Next Move

Saving money on your next move

Wherever you are moving, whether its just around the corner, or across Australia, the cost of moving can quickly add up.

There are lots of simple ways to cut these costs:

Do Things Yourself
The simplest way to make your move as cheap as possible is to do as much of it yourself as possible:

  1. Pack your boxes yourself rather than paying a specialist packing company or furniture removalists to do it for you.
  2. Start the moving process in advance, well before the furniture removalists are scheduled to arrive.
  3. Ask family and friends to help with the packing.

Using Free (or 2nd Hand) Packing Materials
This won't be the most expensive part of moving, but the cost of packing materials can certainly chew into your budget. New specialist furniture removalist cartons can cost upwards of $6.50 each, so try purchasing some second hand removal boxes instead. You can usually pick up used furniture removal cartons from your local storage facility.

Instead of purchasing removalist packaging paper, use old newspapers to wrap plates and glassware. Please note that newsprint can stain crystal and fine china, so you may want to buy furniture removalists / butchers paper for packing these items (or better still, ask your local fish and chip store for a few sheets if you don't have much to pack, to save buying a whole ream).

Using any old sheets, blankets and towels that you have as protective padding to cushion any delicate or fragile items can be a more affordable option.

However you decide to pack for your move, make sure the materials you use are up to the task of moving. Any bid to save money with inappropriate cartons, or skimping by not using specialist furniture removal packing tape, could easily result in damage that will cost you more than you've saved!

For Local Furniture Removals

If moving locally the cost is usually dependent on how long the job takes, so take simple steps to reduce the time it takes for the furniture removalists to complete your move:

  • Move boxes closer to the front door for quick loading by the furniture removalists
  • Disassemble all large items like beds before the furniture removalists arrive
  • Do a couple of car trips to reduce the amount of smaller items to load - letting the furniture removalists concentrate on moving fridges, beds and other large pieces of furniture.

Prepare An Accurate Move Budget
Costs can quickly mount up if you haven't prepared a well thought out budget for your move. To keep your costs from skyrocketing, we've written an article covering all the costs you will need to account for when preparing a budget for your furniture removal.

Get Rid of Furniture You Don't Want
Everyone has furniture and other items in their house they no longer use. There is no use in bringing them to your new home where they may just stay in boxes until the next time you move or eventually be thrown out. If you're moving interstate or a great distance, your furniture removal quote is usually dependent on how much space you take up in the truck (rather than by how much time is taken) so why pay for space in the truck for items that you won't use?

In addition to saving on your furniture removal costs, you can turn those unwanted items into cash:

  • Have a garage sale
  • Sell your goods to a 2nd hand store
  • Sell your goods on eBay or other auction sites

For furniture that you can't sell you might consider donating them to charity.

If you're moving interstate you might like to give your pot plants to friends - an interstate removal can be hard on your plants and they're often expensive to move given the space they require (you can't pack furniture on top of plants inside the removal truck!).

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