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Labelling Your Furniture and Cartons

Label Moving BoxesWhen organising your furniture removal ensure that your belongings don’t get misplaced or damaged with lists and labels!

Utilizing cardboard boxes to protect your possessions is only the first half of the packing for your furniture removal; stickers, labels, and a household inventory list allow you to obtain a higher level of organisation when coordinating your furniture removal.  It is crucial that the contents of your moving cartons are detailed accurately so that the furniture removalists are aware of what they are moving.  Consequently, knowing what items are contained in each removal carton will assist your furniture removalists in creating an efficient and more effective move.

When labelling each box, place the sticker in a location that is easily perceivable for the furniture removlists, the more the better!  Labelling a box more than once means that it will be easier to identify and the contents within it can be readily communicated.  Each label should display the following information:

  • An arrow indicating whether the box should be kept upright, and if so, in which direction;
  • A clear instruction to take care with delicate items by labelling boxes with the word 'FRAGILE';
  • A description of the boxes contents;
  • Information about where the carton should be delivered once it has reached its destination along with your name, job number and delivery address and any other important details of your move.

Whilst both stickers and simply writing on the package are sufficient methods in labelling your removal boxes, the former lends itself to the possibility of colour coding and higher levels of organisation.  A combination of stickers and writing with permanent marker would be ideal, as the latter protects you in the incident of misplaced information through the accidental loss of a sticker or label in the journey from one destination to another.

To conclude – creating lists while packing for your furniture removal can aid you in recalling precisely where everything is located.  If you are able to identify the contents of each removal carton then in the unlikely occurrence of a misplaced carton, you'll find yourself equipt with the relevant knowledge that will assist us in locating any missing box.  This will also help you when unpacking in your new house as you'll know exactly where to find the items that you are looking for.

For the aforementioned reasons, it is an excellent idea to make labels and lists – it doesn't impose on your time greatly and can make your furniture removal incredibly more organised.

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