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Forming a Household Inventory

preparing your furniture removal inventoryWhether it be a small load of furniture items, or a full house worth of goods, an essential part of a furniture removal is putting together a household inventory. A household inventory is a list of all the items in your current place that you'll be getting your furniture removalists to move to your new place. Although it may take a little time to create your list, it's well worth the effort for a couple of reasons.

The most vital purpose of your household inventory is that it serves as a record of all your belongings. Having a list to refer to is imperative on the off chance that any items be stolen, lost or damaged during the furniture removal process. A further role for your list is to aid you in packing, working as a checklist as you prepare your goods for the furniture removalists arrival.

To put together your household inventory, move from room to room writing down the contents of each one on a notepad as you go. Additionally you can include an estimate of the value of each item in a separate column on your list. This can also assist you in evaluating roughly what your goods are worth overall, should you choose to take out a Transit Protection policy for your furniture removal.

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