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Informing People of Your Move

Letting people know you are moving housePreparing for a removal can be a lengthy process, and sometimes we forget that it is about more than just booking furniture removalists to move our furniture. With so many little tasks to take care of, it is not uncommon for one of the key steps to be overlooked: letting people know you’re moving! In the following article we outline some tips to identify people who'll need to know about your upcoming move and different ways that you can let them know.

While some of the people you need to inform of your removal seem obvious, such as friends and family, there are many other organisations that may need to be notified of your upcoming move. Your employer, colleagues, bank, gas and electricity providers, phone and internet service providers, doctor and dentist, kids’ schools and the pets’ vet may all require a street address to be able to contact you after your removal. In addition, it is easy to forget that professional and personal interest groups and magazine subscriptions also require your new address to keep in touch after your removal is complete.

Once you’ve established who you need to inform of your removal, you can set about letting them know. A bulk email to everyone in your contact list may allow you to kill many birds with one stone, and more personal emails can be directed to close friends and family. Many services and organisations will allow you to notify them of your move online, and email templates are available to assist you with notifying those who don’t!

Social networking sites may also be useful in informing people of your move, just remember to use private messages to let those you are close to know where they can find you - or alternatively, set up a private group to keep your nearest and dearest in the loop! This ensures everyone is kept up-to-date, and you may even be able to recruit some helpers to assist you in packing for your removal!

For a more personal touch, calling or mailing friends and family about your move might be the way to go - particularly to keep in touch with those without email access. Additionally, any services you haven’t been able to update your details with online should be able to assist you over the phone.

Finally, a mail redirection service will help you stay in contact with those few people or groups that slipped your mind when you were preparing for your removal - be sure to update them with your new address, and everyone will be informed of your new address.

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